Mandrel Pig

Mandrel pigs are the most convenient pig for all stage in the life cycle of a pipeline,from construction and hydrostatic testing to commissioning,operation,pre-inspection and maintenance. They have a central metal body (carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum) in conjunction with sealing and cleaning elements. From varying polyurethane cup and disc design to multiple style of brushes and blades .Uni and Bi-Directional designs,positive sealing,economical spare parts and multi functional configurations have well introduce them to pipeline industries.  mandrel-IMG_0018-(28)
Additional to custom and special designs there are three main group of mandrel pigs: CLEANING for abrasive brushing or scraping the line to remove dust,sand,millscale,wax,paraffin,sludge, black powder and mud or incorporate with magnet blocks to collect the metallic remains. BATCHING to fill or de-water the line,product separation and dissimilar fluid displacement,liquid ejection, as well as light cleaning. Gauging to check for ovality and locate dents and buckles to prove the line roundness. There are different options on mandrel pigs,such as: long run and heavy wall versions,nose bumpers, circular or spring mounted wire brushes,scraping blades,gauging Plates,magnet packages,adapter patterns and housing to fix the transmitter,suspension wheels,nylon brushes,crusher pins,bypass system,universal joint conector,magnetic brush,spacers,ultra sealing or heavy cleaning by using additional cups, discs or brushes. The standard pigs are design to traverse 1.5 D raidus bends. Cups and Discs are made by special polyurethane elastomer with excellent physical and mechanical characteristics and good solvent swell and hydrocarbons resistance.