Pig signaller

Pig Signalers are fitted to pig trap stations as well as any other location of the pipeline to confirm the launch / receive or indicate the passage of the pig. The range of our Intrusive Pig Signalers Can be fitted to all sizes from 6″ to 56″ and can be used to detect all type of pigs, from Mandrel to Foam, Sphere and Intelligent Inspection tools. Preferred Stainless Steel construction, reliable function, modular configuration, pressure classification and width size compatibility, easy maintenance and full variation are the unique combination of advantages to step forward from all other exciting technologies in the market. Features: – Can be fitted to all sizes from 6″ to 56″ pipeline. – BI-Directional trigger mechanism. – Mechanical, visual, electrical indicators. – Under pressure removal (on V series) – Single action reset. – Extensive Hydrostatic testing prior to shipment. – Adjustable trigger extension to suit varying wall thicknesses of the pipeline. – NACE MR-01-75 compliance. – Welded base and flange mounted assembly base on ASTMA350LF or ASTM A105 – Bracket opening tool to under pressure removal. -Explosion proof electrical proximity switch and junction box by option. – Extended length for buried pipelines. – Double valve by option. – Stainless steel trim body under (BS EN 10088-1) Model Option Codes: I : Intrusive  M: Mechanical V: Valve F: Flange E: Electrical W: Welded Standard Models: IMW-IMEW-IMVW-IMVEW-IMF-IMEF-IMVF-IMVEF