Pig locator

Pig locators are devices by which the pigs inside the pipes can be detected. Different circumstances like dented pipes, bends inside the pipe, a two-sided pipe, a trap made by a metallic object inside the pipe, thick deposits inside the pipe, pipes under tension and many more conditions can cause a pig to be trapped inside the pipe. Therefore, there is a need for a device to detect a trapped pig inside the pipe for whatever reason. Pig locators are the devices which are specially designed for such application. This device can detect the pig inside the pipe through the electromagnetic waves which are being emitted from a transmitter which is being placed inside the pig.



Pig Locator classification:

1. 6 pig locator

2.  8 pig locator

3. 10 14 pig locators

4.  16 and higher pig locators (16pcs alkaline batteries)

Pig Locator Features:   In sour gas condition, according to customer inquiry, the locators will be manufactured in compliance with NACE MR0175 The detection is possible while pig running The signals will be digitally filtered. The pig passage can be recorded. The inspected pipes data can be stored. The passage of the pig can be monitored digitally. The voltage of the receiver can be monitored. The rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries can be used. The data gathered during the detection can be restored on a PC.